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dinsdag 28 maart 2023 20:00 - 21:30

LI-MA Presents: A Grain of Sand in the Mountain’s Bell | a collaboration with ReCNTR X ArteEast

LI-MA Presents: A Grain of Sand in the Mountain’s Belly. A collaboration with ReCNTR X ArteEast.

With works by Jumana Emil Abboud, Marie-Rose Osta, Basim Magdy, Giovanni Giaretta and Anika Schwarzlose & Brian D McKenna

Tuesday, 28 March, 2023 at LAB111, Amsterdam
Programme: 20:00
Price: 7,50 euros // students 5,00 euros // Cineville
Tickets available by clicking here

This evening is curated by Nat Muller

For this screening program LI-MA teams up with ReCNTR x ArteEast

The programme revolves around the weird, dark, supernatural, and fantastical, and presents works from the ArteEast archive and network, as well as the LI-MA collection. It looks at how these — often underexplored — modes of the strange narrate complex historical, geo-political and socio-cultural realities, while opening an imaginary world of speculation and possibility.

Through the enchanted otherworldliness of the spirit world, expanding universes, understated dread, and the coming to life of that what should remain petrified, these films not only mash up conceptions of time and space, but also blur the boundaries between human and nonhuman, life and nonlife. 

The works in the programme travel through colonial pasts, extractivist presents, and improbable futures, rendering time and geography fluid and haunted. Landscapes, in the form of forests and waterways, deserts and mountains, become animate.

While there is always a suggestion of looming catastrophe and implied violence lurking underneath, there is also an immense sense of potential. A grain of sand slumbers in the mountain’s belly, patiently waiting to transform into something else. 

Jumana Emil Abboud, Giovanni Giaretta and Anika Schwarzlose & Brian D McKenna will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

This screening evening is part of the legacy program Unpacking the ArteArchive, which preserves and presents nearly 20 years of film and video programming by ArteEast. 

More info about the the legacy program Unpacking the ArteArchive:
Part 1 of this program is screened online on from 23 March - 2 April 2023.
Part 2 is screened online on from 13 - 23 April 2023.
The program of the 28th of March features a selection of the films from the program.
A Work-in progress presentation with artist Jumana Emil Abboud will be hosted by ReCNTR on 29 March, 13.00 - 15.00 CET at Leiden University.